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British Columbia’s Most Local Beer

Aside from the wild barley currently growing alongside Millstream River, Longwood Brewery sources all of its ingredients for several beers within a 100-mile radius.
The Tyee – an independent, online news magazine from BC – embarked on a project to see how closely British Columbian breweries sourced their ingredients. After co-authoring The 100-mile Diet, J.B. MacKinnon answered The Tyee’s call to find BC’s “most local” beer.

For many breweries in BC, sourcing large quantities of local barley proves difficult. However, as Harley Smith, Longwood’s head brewer, notes, “The barley just walked in our front door.” After Smith’s friend spotted a neighbour growing barley and brought in a sackful, the rest was history.

Now, seventy-five percent of their barley is grown nearby, meaning several of their beers are entirely local—right down to their yeast Longwood has been propagating for 20 years! MacKinnon notes that Longwood is the standout brewery in the province for 100-mile brewing.

“We strive to support locally owned Vancouver Island businesses. Islanders supporting Islanders!”, says Smith.

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