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Your Journey
Settling in
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Your Journey

Island life means that Nanaimo is connected to the mainland by 60 km of inland ocean (Salish Sea) That gives you two options for travel: by sea or by air.

By Sea

Without bridges connecting us to the mainland, ferries are the best option for moving here. BC Ferries services run from Tswassen (South of Vancouver) to Duke Point, and from Horseshoe Bay (North of Vancouver) to Departure Bay. Hullo ferries offer a fast walk-on service traveling from Vancouver’s downtown to Nanaimo’s in 70 minutes.

By Air

For those coming to us from across the province, country, or globe, Nanaimo’s airport, YCD, has direct flights from Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Prince George, Edmonton, and Toronto (seasonal). Our downtown lies only 10 minutes from the airport with taxis, rental car companies, rideshare services, shuttles, and buses able to take you to your new home.

Regardless of the form of transportation you choose, the journey here will give you just a sample of the wildlife, ocean scenery, and mountain ranges all within easy reach from Nanaimo.

Settling in

Discover diverse housing options, unique communities, active living facilities, community engagement, and other resources essential for you to enjoy your new home listed below.


Nanaimo’s housing district is divided into 20 unique communities with a range of different house styles and sizes. The most common housing types in Nanaimo are single family homes (resale and new construction), half & full duplexes, condos & townhouses, patio and mobile homes, and bare land. As of 2022, the average price of a detached home was $891,964 with the average monthly rent $1,356—compared to the national average: $1,912 per The Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping you secure your dream home and where you’ll find listings, real-estate agent recommendations, real estate news and statistics, and other valuable resources.


Below is a list of resources for any stage of your child’s educational journey—whether that’s schools that offer k–12 education, post-secondary, extracurricular, or your childcare needs.

Public Schooling

To enroll your child in public schooling, Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools provides registration and contact information, admission requirements, application dates and deadlines, and any other essential information you need to start or resume your child’s educational journey!

Private Schooling

If you prefer to place your child in independent schools, Nanaimo features Discover Montessori School, Nanaimo Christian School, Aspengrove School, and The High School at VIU (with the letter two schools offering an International Baccalaureate). All information regarding registration, admissions requirements, and other such useful information will be found on their websites.

Extracurricular Activities

For those seeking involvement outside of academia, Nanaimo hosts a range of different extracurricular activities for all ages—most are listed on the City of Nanaimo’s and Pacific Sport’s site. For an in depth view of all the clubs in Nanaimo visit the Clubs and Organizations page on the City’s site!


Nanaimo has over 100 childcare facilities, all conveniently located in The Province’s childcare section on their website. Or visit Nanaimo Child Development Centre.

Post Secondary

Nanaimo hosts a range of post-secondary institutions to continue or begin your education within our city. Vancouver Island University, Discovery Community College, Sprott-Shaw College, Academy of Learning Career College, and Western Maritime Institute are based in Nanaimo and provide a range of learning opportunities. For more information on enrollment, admission requirements, financial aid, notoriety, extracurricular activities, and other information either visit their websites above or view our Education & Training section.

Healthcare &
Social Services

Nanaimo’s Healthcare system supports over 95,000 residents from Gabriola Island to Lady Smith. We are privileged to have a strong and dedicated network of public and private services that cater to our needs. For information regarding healthcare facilities, services, and practitioners in Nanaimo, visit Island Health or the list of references below.










Massage therapy


Counseling and Therapy

Community Social Services


If you’re coming to Nanaimo from further away, we welcome you to our home, and you will find essential resources for your journey listed below.

Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society (CVIMS)
CVIMS provides a range of free services to immigrants, temporary foreign workers, post-secondary international students and refugees, including job search and language training.

Entrepreneur Immigration (Provincial Nominee Program – PNP)
If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to invest and manage a business in B.C., you may be eligible for the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration program. This involves pairing international entrepreneurs with community priorities.

Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program
Hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker may help you meet short-term skill and labour needs when permanent residents are not available.

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