Government of Canada Small Business Financing

Canada Small Business Financing (CSBF) ensures improved access to financing when obtaining loans from financial institutions, government-backed loan guarantees, and support systems to ensure your business attains all the funding necessary to start your business.

Trade Data Online

Trade Data Online (TDO) provides tailored statistics on global trade, which enables users to access import/export markets, assess product competition, identify domestic import replacement prospects, and explore a country’s trade balance.

Canadian Commercial Corporation

The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) specializes in establishing commercial relationships between Canadian businesses and foreign governments. Using this resource, businesses can expand their operations, access new markets, and secure contracts with foreign governments.

Canada’s Export E-Business Portal

The Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS) portal, a secure export reporting system, aids businesses in transmitting export data to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), streamlining the process of sending information.

Canadian Trade Commissioner

The Trade Commissioner service connects local businesses to international opportunities, funding, and market insights. TCS helps Nanaimo’s businesses expand beyond their immediate market, fostering diversification and enhancing competitiveness.

Canada Border Services Agency Export Guide

The CBSA has created a comprehensive guide that provides necessary information on export obligations, including reporting, documentation, and permit requirements. You can find all the information for compliance to import and export regulations.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

With 150 years of experience, CME offers guidance to businesses looking to scale and navigate international markets but providing resources like FITT’s Small Business Guide, UPS’ guidance on surmounting international barriers, and RBC’s Global Connect to identify suitable markets.


This federally-supported economic plan aims to create sustainable and interconnected trade networks along BC’s coast, fostering economic growth, environmental conservation, and efficient movement of goods and people. To contact a Vancouver Island office, call 1-888-338-9378 or email

Export Development Canada

Export Development Canada (EDC) is Canada’s Export Credit Agency and is mandated to help Canadian companies realize business opportunities and grow their brands outside of Canada. Or contact Christoper Theeparajah, Sr. Trade Finance Manager of the Vancouver Island Region, directly: – – (604) 318 2146