“Supporting Nanaimo’s business community to grow while working with community leaders to ensure people have what they need to thrive within the limits of our natural environment makes sense all around. The more successful we are in achieving the balance described by the doughnut economic model, the better we can meet the challenges of tomorrow without destroying what we cherish.”
- Leonard Krog, Mayor of Nanaimo

The Nanaimo Prosperity Corporation (NPC) supports this balanced approach to advance Nanaimo’s economy. We welcome innovators and investors inspired to help us meet these evolutionary challenges and build on emerging opportunities.


Owned by the City of Nanaimo, Snuneymuxw First Nation, Nanaimo Port Authority, Nanaimo Airport Commission, Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce, and Vancouver Island University, NPC is focused on results: unlocking development lands; building an inclusive workforce; nurturing export and trade; enhancing the business climate; building strategic partnerships; promoting the city; attracting investment; strengthening the innovation ecosystem – balanced economic vitality.

To learn more about our economic development goals for the future, read our 2020 Economic Development Strategy report.


To leverage Nanaimo’s strategic assets to develop and sustain a vibrant local economy by leading initiatives, partnering on projects, supporting business development, encouraging innovation, promoting reconciliation, and attracting investment.

Our Values
We welcome partnership with other organizations to solve problems and pursue opportunities.
We promote and celebrate equity, diversity, and inclusion so that residents can access opportunities and achieve prosperity, regardless of gender, race, or ability.
We nurture ideas, supporting actions and lasting solutions for economic stability and vibrancy.
We recognize that a thriving Nanaimo economy is interdependent with, and inseparable from, community well-being and a healthy environment.
We build trusting relationships to drive meaningful dialogue and facilitate positive change.
We’re committed to working with Snuneymuxw First Nation to pursue strategic opportunities and achieve economic reconciliation at the municipal level.

To align with our mission and values, NPC is committed to supporting:

  1. A balanced economy that is resilient, diverse, evolving, competitive, integrated, inclusive, equitable, wealth-retentive, and export-rich.
  2. Vibrant, efficient, wasteless, regenerative use of our natural resources, broad use of circular economic principles, and disciplined, conservationist land use management.
  3. Goods production capacity with coordinated supply chains sufficient to sustain the Nanaimo population in case of emergency.
  4. The development of a stronger ecosystem through advocacy and collaboration to address upstream challenges that prevent innovation from getting to market and contributing to the vitality of our economy.

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